Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Women should be revered by all!

The following is an actual excerpt from my new book, "A Man on Women"

Daughters are future mothers and mothers created and perpetrated mankind. They deserve respect and they deserve everything their fathers, husbands and brothers are able to give them. Here are some interesting and telling facts about mothers.

Firstly there are approximately 2 billion mothers in the world.There are more than 82 million mothers in the United States. In the 1950’s mothers had an average of 3.5 children each; in the eighteenth century it was 7 to 10 kids, and in the twenty first century it has reduced to an average of 2 children per mother. On the child-raising front, women average 7,300 diaper changes by a baby’s second birthday; preschoolers require mom’s attention every 4 minutes or 210 times a day; mothers do approximately 88% of all North American laundry which amounts to 330 loads of laundry and 5300 articles of clothing per mother each year.

Despite the fact that there appears to be very little time left in a day for mothers to work outside of the home, 72 percent of all North American mothers with children have outside jobs to earn money to support the household. Those working mothers average a 13-hour workday when the outside work and homework are combined. I understand completely why mothers feel the need to work since the cost of raising a child from birth to age eighteen in North America is approximately $250,000.00…that is a quarter of a million dollar per child!

On a very positive note, the busiest telephone usage day of the year is Mother’s Day. Surveys tell us that approximately 122 million calls to moms occur on that day. It seems that mothers are  generally appreciated on Mother’s Day since in addition to the  phone calls, 50 percent of North American households give Mother’s Day cards, which amounts to approximately 152 million cards annually.

Many mothers miss out on education and career opportunities due to maternity. Studies have proven that the highest birth rates occur amongst women with the lowest educational attainment. It naturally follows that those with less education will have less opportunity to acquire or advance into high paying jobs.

American women with college degrees can be expected to have a total of 1.6 to 2 children. American women with no college diploma and up to 8 years of education can be expected to average 3.2 children; those with 9 to 11 years of education can expect 2.3 children; high school graduates with no college degree will have an average of 2.7 children. This explains why birth rates are dropping as more women become educated and take on more lucrative jobs.

Now that you have read my treatise on mothers you might have a better idea why I wrote this book. Think about some of the earlier chapters and consider whether or not the mothers of the world are getting a fair shake in a male dominated world. Optimistically, I believe there is a quiet but determined equality movement bubbling under the veneer of North American culture. I also believe that now is the time for men and women to start working a little harder at understanding and accepting the obvious differences between them while respecting each other’s rightful place in society.

With plummeting birth rates not likely to abate, the next generation of working men and women are going to have to work side by side to maintain their lifestyles and enjoy all the world has to offer. If women and men will honestly seek out, define, and attempt to understand their fair and effective roles in our world now, the next few generations will have a much easier time of it.
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All the Best!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You have not lost until you have given up!

It's not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.

-John Wooden

Great college basketball coach, John Wooden passed away recently after almost a century of life. His legacy is a world of success and a plethora of incredibly intelligent and well- considered quotations about the human condition. The quote above speaks to me of the perseverance, tenacity and courage of every average man or woman.

Anyone involved in team sports will tell you that virtually every team of every kind is made up of stars and everyone else. You remember the stars...you remember their names and you even remember their faces. You remember Bobby Orr, Joe Montana, A-Rod, and Magic Johnson...but what of the other players on the teams? What are their names; who are they; what do they look like; where did they come from; what position do they play; have they ever scored; have they added anything to the success of the team??? Who cares???

The fact of the matter is that a star is just a highly skilled player with a great support staff. Without support, there can be no stars. Without an entire line up of players, there is no team and there is no possibility of winning. Human beings tend to want stars in their lives to inspire them to do greater things...to have more success. Children and adults alike are thrilled to the core at just the thought of shaking hands with a sports star. An entire team of hockey players could walk down the streets of New York City unnoticed, but if Wayne Gretzky was one of them, he could not get ten feet without being hounded by autograph seekers and paparazzi! However, the “Great One” would be the first to tell you that his skill on the ice was only as good as the team he played for; he would admit that he only helped his team to succeed...he could not have done it alone.

If you are not a “Great One,” in any area of your life; if you are not famous and no one thinks of you as a star, take heart! You are a support player and you will finish the game. Long after the stars have faded because their skill has failed them or they have lost their edge, you will still be supporting the next star or stars just as you did the last ones. Your greatness is evidenced by the fact the stars cannot live without you. You are special and you matter! Being a star is a tough business. It is fraught with the fear of failure and an absolute unrelenting requirement to succeed every day in every way. Being a support player is not easy, but it is less hazardous, and with a positive mindset, it can be just as rewarding as stardom.

Know yourself, pick your path, and stay your course. If you are not a star, be the best support player you can be and remember that your stardom rests in the fact that you never give up and you are always there to make sure that your team finishes the game. Be comfortable in the knowledge that you did everything you could to win. You have not lost until you have given up, so never give up!

Everyone who finishes the game is a winner. Everyone on a winning team is a star. You know who you are and that is all that matters!

All the Best

Wayne Kehl

Monday, June 7, 2010

Have fun and live longer!

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

George Bernard Shaw

Famed Irish playwright and essayist, George Bernard Shaw lived from 1856 to 1950. He generated many quotes during his long life, but the one above is my favourite. I am drawn to the quote because like most people, I don’t want to grow any older than I already am, and now that I am in my fifties, I have finally realized that when I take myself too seriously, I do not enjoy my life. On the other hand, when I am playing, I am generally happy…and when I am happy I feel healthy and amazingly, younger!

There is no law that says that adults must be serious all the time! There is no rule in civilized society that says grownups cannot be silly from time to time! There certainly is no regulation that prevents laughing anywhere, except maybe in a library, a confessional, or during a funeral. Come to think of it, modern funerals are often called celebrations of life where enjoyment and laughing are actually allowed!

Personally, I believe that celebrations of life should not be reserved for the dead. I think we should celebrate the wonder of our lives on this incredible planet every day we spend above ground. The next time you go into a business meeting, a union meeting, a parent-teacher meeting, or a meeting with a tax assessor, try smiling, laughing, or telling a joke. You will be amazed at how a lighter attitude will lift the weight of the drudgery you would usually experience during any serious event. If you let the people around you know that you are in a playful mood, they will want to join in and have some fun with you. Soon, the meeting will turn from drudgery to pleasure and it will be over before you know it. In fact if you have fun during a business meeting, a strange phenomenon often occurs…you don’t want it to end! Imagine that!

Try it at home too! Before you sit down to have a serious conversation with your wife, husband or children, think of a way to lighten up the mood. Those closest to you will appreciate your light-hearted ways more than anyone else. People who bring a smile or a laugh to others are usually considered lovable, and most folks want to be loved by their family members so take a chance and have some fun with them! The next time you need to have a discussion about the family budget, the dent in the new car, or the dreaded subject of teenage sex, do it with a smile and a laugh. You cannot make difficult situations disappear by being serious, so why not have some fun and at least try to make them less serious and therefore more acceptable.

Of course, there are times when a serious attitude is more acceptable than a light-hearted one, but try to keep them to a minimum. Remember what George Bernard Shaw said, “We grow old because we stop playing.” There is much documented medical evidence to support the concept that fun and laughter are beneficial to a healthy, long life...but just the joy and sense of well-being that you will experience is evidence enough.

Be a leader, take a chance and show others your fun side! Play every chance you get no matter how old you are. Your life will be better for it and you will find that you have more friends and even, more fans. The bonus is that you will live longer and you will thoroughly enjoy every one of those extra days!

Start playing today!

All the Best

Wayne Kehl