Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Big Ego is a Terrible Thing to Waste!

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Human beings seem to want to fight all the time, don’t they? Why do so many people become angry or defensive when a joke is directed at them or someone suggests they might be wrong.

People fight with each other because of EGO. Ego is essentially a person’s idea of his or her own importance or value. A big ego will often become angry when integrity is questioned.

Ego is what made human beings the dominant species on earth and what caused them to put men on the moon. It is also what causes arguments and starts wars. People with big egos usually have strong ambition and a huge desire to succeed. They like a pat on the back. When working with someone who is talented but full of himself do not suppress his enthusiasm or hold him back. When a big ego is stifled negative behavior is the usual result.

When working with big egos, be a coach. Appeal to them by asking for help and then offering praise for positive results. When team performance improves, everyone’s egos will soar on a blanket of pride.

Take advantage of big egos by cultivating them into powerful forces. Don’t waste a big ego…put it to work for you!

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